Father's Day is just around the corner

Photo by Cristian Dina

Father's Day isn't far away and, of course, I will be making some yummy treats for your amazing Dads! However, I also know that Father's Day, like Mother's Day, can be a painful day for many so I have made the decision not to constantly push what I have to offer on Social media (there will be this post and one more). Instead, over the next couple of days, I will mock up some cupcakes, a cookie box, and a whole cake and I will share them on this blog. If it is something you would like to order for your Dad, Uncle, Grandad, Pet Dad, or any other awesome man in your life, I'll add a link to the contact form at the bottom of this page so you can order that way.

For now, to give you an idea of costs, the yumminess I will have on offer will be:

  • A gift bag with two loaded cookies - £5

  • A gift Box with four loaded cookies and a cookie slice - £10

  • A gift box of 6 cupcakes - £10

  • A gift box of 12 cupcakes - £15

  • A 5 inch, 4 layer, sponge cake with a choice of white chocolate, milk chocolate, or dark chocolate ganache, and decorated with a Dad theme - from £2.50

I want to help you show just how much the amazing man in your life means to you, so please get in touch HERE.

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